The Internet is a resource that enables library patrons to connect to information beyond that contained in the Library’s collection. While the library does have filtering software loaded onto its computers, staff does not monitor, or protect patron use of the Internet, nor can we regulate, or be held responsible for the content of websites which patrons may find offensive, or that might be illegal. The Library does not have control over materials obtained on the Internet, and cannot be held responsible for the content.

1. Library Internet computers are provided for learning, research, and information.
2. All users of electronic information resources are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are provided and to follow the Library’s basic rules and regulations.
3. Respect the privacy of others. Do not enter the computer area until it is your turn on the computer. Leave the area as soon as your time is finished.
4. Computer time is limited to one hour daily. Appointments may be made in person or by phone up to one week in advance. If a user is more than 10 minutes late and has not notified the library, the time will be given to another user.
5. If computers are shared, all users must agree to the Library’s Internet policy
6. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by a parent, guardian or legal caregiver at all times.
7. A parent, guardian, or legal caregiver, through signature, is responsible for the access of young adults from the ages of 13-17.
8. Be considerate in your use of the Internet. You are in a public place where children may be present.
9. Use of “chat lines” not related to library research will not be allowed.
10. Do not send, receive or display inappropriate materials, defined as text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene.
11. Do not use the Library’s network to send threatening messages.
12. Do not misrepresent yourself by access code, password, or signature.
13. Do not alter hardware or software.
14. Do not make copies of copyrighted or licensed software unless such data is authorized.

1. Patrons must sign in at the circulation desk. There is a one-hour time limit for all library computers, which will be enforced when other patrons are waiting.
2. There are dedicated computers for children available in the library. It is the responsibility of the parent, legal guardian, or responsible caregiver to supervise children when they are on the  computers. Children ages 12 and under must use the designated children’s computers.
3. Do not talk with others in the computer lab, as this is disruptive to other patrons. Talking on cell phones in not allowed in the computer lab. Use headphones/ear buds for audio content.
4. Do not alter or damage library computer hardware or software, including making changes to the computer desktops. Consult a staff member if you are having problems using a computer.
5. Do not download copyrighted or licensed software of data unless such use is authorized.
6. Users must be familiar with general operations of the computer, including use of computer software applications.
7. The library staff is not required to render assistance above and beyond basic maintenance of the computers.
8. Do not change the configuration of any of the software on these computers. If you experience problems or cannot get the computer to work, report to the circulation desk. Do not try to fix anything. Do not shut down the computers. Do not make changes to the desktop format.
9. Do not save personal files to the computers. Please log off your session when you are finished to ensure any downloaded or saved files are deleted. To save files, it is recommended that patrons bring a storage device such as a flash drive to back up their work. Flash drives may be available for purchase at the circulation desk.
10. No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab.
11. Printing is available for 25 cents for black and white pages and 50 cents for color. Printouts are available at the circulation desk. All unpurchased printouts will be discarded at closing time.
12. Computers and printers will be shut down 15 minutes prior to closing. There will be no exceptions. Users must plan to be finished by this time.